Use our knowledge and experience to solve your information security problems.

We work with businesses and organisations of varying sizes, providing cyber security advice, project-based contract placements and individual consultations.

Our principle areas of expertise:

  • Make regular data backups
  • Install anti-malware / internet security software
  • Be wary of email attachments and links
  • Keep all software up to date
  • Use https or a VPN if using public wifi
  • Encrypt data on mobile devices
  • Use secure document sharing applications rather than plain email

Information Security

When you go home at night you set the alarm and lock the doors but do you leave your company data within reach of cyber criminals?

There is extensive publicity alerting businesses to the threats from so called cyber-space. A substantial amount of free advice is available from internet security providers and governments. An excellent source of information is the UK NCSC's Small Business Guide.

Unfortunately, they keep moving the location of this guide so if you find that link doesn't work, do let us know.

◅ Consider our top tips if you're looking for some quick guidance which will help protection your business from many threats.


If you're not sure what security controls are right for your business, we can help you determine an appropriate information security policy.


Cyber Security

William Gibson, in his novel Neuromancer, wrote:

“Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation...”

Cyberspace is generally regarded as the modern, extended internet, i.e. the interconnected set of all computing and communication devices.

Information Assurance

When considering the threats to businesses' information, we tend to use the encompassing term, information assurance. By this we mean assuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information a business needs to function. This extends beyond digital assets into physical information storage and communication too. By taking an holistic approach to information security management, an organisation can ensure it effectively and pragmatically protects both its own and its customers' data.


Consultation Options

Information Assurance Audit

An Information Assurance Audit (IAA) is a survey of your company's policies, procedures and use of ICT. The audit comprises a visit to your premises to examine all aspects of your data security practices. You will receive a report of the findings giving recommendations for improvement.

The areas covered by an IAA encompass those of the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme so on implementing all our recommendations your business will be ready to apply for Cyber Essentials certification.

Preliminary Assessment

A Preliminary Assessment provides a short initial view of your company's information assurance practices. Targeted at micro businesses or those not wishing to undertake an IA audit, the assessment covers similar topics to an IAA but in less depth.

The assessment can be carried out during a site visit or by a phone interview. The resulting report will show you the main areas you need to focus on to give your business greater protection from cyber threats.


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