Most of our research work is within the field of applied cryptography.

We work with a range of algorithms and protocols including standard symmetric ciphers and public key schemes based on elliptic curves.

In a projective space, an elliptic curve is a smooth, algebraic curve of genus one.

We respect the needs of our customers who require the details of their research projects to be kept private.


Our research work is often carried out privately on behalf of companies and organisations who need to access our specific skills and experience. We've worked on investigative, diagnostic projects and in the development of new techniques such as efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms.


Collaboration amongst businesses and organisations enables stronger research proposals to be established. We've worked with universities in the UK and more widely in Europe and have participated in the University of Derby's Driven internship programme, taking on students for short-term project placements.


Research work sometimes never makes it beyond the outline design stage but it is pleasing when a project reaches fruition as a commercial product. Dapris' SureSend secure file transfer web application is one such example.

SureSend fills a market need for businesses to be able to securely receive files from their clients. The product required us to design a suitable symmetric cryptographic protocol which we then implemented for Dapris on a web application platform.


An area of work we're looking at for the future is the application of cryptographic protocols to provide authentication and confidentiality in intra-IoT (machine-to-machine) communications.