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Genus One provides professional, high quality services to businesses of all sizes, helping our customers protect their data from cyber security threats.

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to embrace the working from home model.

Will this be the new normal?

The business processes and systems that enable workers to operate from remote locations, rather than all communting to central offices, extend beyond merely the provision of video conferencing. Video communications enable collaboration with fellow workers but a successful working from home model requires secure and reliable transmission and storage of all forms of data.

Organisations taking their first steps towards remote working need to think about where data resides, how employees can access and process data, and the cyber security and privacy risks that may arise. By conducting an information assurance assessment, requirements, threats and risks can be captured thus enabling appropriate processes and solutions to be implemented.


Try out a new way to securely send files.

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This new web application enables businesses to securely obtain files from their clients. It encrypts files during transfer and storage so clients' sensitive data is protected.


Our principle areas of work

From one-off advice on cyber security to long-term contract placements, we offer a range of services to businesses and organisations across the UK.


Cyber security advice and assistance

Specialist high security communications

Maintenance and migration of legacy systems


Our research focusses on the security of technology:

  • implementing novel cryptography
  • communications security
  • engineering problems

Many of our research projects are proprietary, undertaken for and on behalf of other companies and organisations.


Website and internet applications including design, development and hosting:

  • internet apps
  • web packages
  • domains
  • web hosting