Your staff are a crucial part of your cyber defences. They are at the forefront of your business, receiving emails, using the internet and handling data. Staff need to be aware of your company security policy and have the knowledge to protect the company from cyber threats.

Email Safety

Staff are often targetted in phishing attacks where an attacker attempts to get their victims to release information or unwittingly install malicious software. Most phishing attacks occur through email so it is wise to ensure all staff learn to spot phishing emails and take steps to prevent these attacks being successful.

Web Safety

The internet is a crucial tool in many aspects of work but it is important for staff to know how to use the web safely and in compliance with company policies. Our training shows employees how to spot dangerous sites, advises of tools that help them do this, how to check website certificates and the relative merits of different computing platforms.


Having access to the internet wherever you are - at customer sites, in hotels, cafes or when travelling - enables businesses to work more productively and in keeping with employees' lifestyles. Public wifi can present many risks to corporate data, however, and there are sensible precautions staff should take when working remotely.

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Training Topics

  • Internet Safety
  • Personal Data & GDPR
  • Mobile Working
  • Physical Security
  • Malware & Ransomware

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We can tailor staff training to suit your employees' needs or you might like to attend one of our general cyber security training workshops. To discuss your specific training requirements, please get in touch with our training team.