Our engineers and consultants are experts in the design of robust, secure software systems. We specialise in the design of applications and systems providing data protection using a variety of standard and contemporary encryption algorithms.

Our design methodology entails scoping the domain of the problem and conducting threat analysis. Designs are structured for security, scalability and flexibility using design patterns and modularisation. Security controls are applied and tested to ensure all threats are countered.

Security Analysis

When designing security critical systems it is essential to learn the scope of the problem the software needs to address. By analysing what sensitive or critical information exists in the system and the threats and risks to it, appropriate security features can be built into the design.

Design & Development

Techniques such as separation, encryption, memory clean-up and the deployment of security functions are used to protect against threats identitifed during analysis. Object-oriented languages provide a class-based structure which is ideally suited to the development of secure software. Standard techniques and patterns improve the efficiency of development and robustness of the resulting software.


All security critical software needs to be rigorously tested against pre-defined test specifications. Testing occurs at both the modular and system level and security-specific tests are used to verify the correct operation of security functions.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security

Make sure your staff are aware of common threats and know how to prevent attacks occurring. Take a look at our cyber security training and learning resources.


The WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May showed how devastating these kinds of attacks can be to services we depend upon. Read our ransomware guide to learn more about this increasingly significant problem for businesses and organisations

Personal Data

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