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emcsf ransomware presentation

In the last few years ransomware has become a significant problem for businesses and organisations. Cyber criminals have embraced the use of ransomware as a very effective tool to extract money from their victims. We presented a talk at the East Midlands Cyber Security Forum in 2017.

A brief summary of the topic is shown in this short video:

Further information about what ransomware is and what you can do to protect yourself from it can be found in this article:

"... a topic which is becoming increasingly important for businesses: the risk of ransomware. Just as a perpetrator may hold a physical person or thing to ransom, the same applies to a company's data assets and information. Documents, images and other files are encrypted by ransomware using a key that is only held by the attacker. A ransom demand is then made for release of the key so that the victim's files can be decrypted."


Personal Data

With ever greater volumes of data being generated and passed between individuals and organisations, data privacy and management is a responsibility for most businesses.

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced from May 2018. Is your business ready for GDPR? Read our 2-minute guide to data protection.