Smarter Computer Security

Cyber security solutions that let you get on with your job.

Help, advice and solutions for your business, no matter how small. We specialise in the needs of micro and small businesses and provide practical solutions that are easy to implement.

Is your business data safe?

Our information assurance experts can help identify threats to your business and show you how to overcome them.

We provide professional advice from accredited information security consultants.

Advice & Guidance

Many businesses find they can significantly improve their data security by implementing just a few simple measures.

Learn our top tips for small and medium sized businesses: you can access them for free!

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Protecting your corporate and customer information from cyber attacks:
risk analysis
system design

Training and Awareness

Training & Awareness

Cyber security training and resources for business owners and staff:
system vulnerabilities
targetted attacks
social engineering

Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Business-focussed IT structures with built-in cyber security protection:
business information
IT estate
small business
cloud services

Policy and Compliance

Policy & Compliance

Security policies and procedures that comply with industry standards:
data protection

Design and Development

Design & Development

Developing scalable software applications for a range of computing platforms:
internet apps
data security
software design



Analysing cyber security threats and developing new methods of protection:
model architectures
media publications

Our team of consultants and engineers relish solving technical and challenging problems to help keep business and personal data safe.

Threats from cyber space are numerous and varied but the solutions are often quite simple and easy to implement. We work with our customers to determine areas of greatest risk and suggest ways these can be overcome.

Effective information assurance covers a wider scope than cyber security. It's not just threats from outside that need to be considered; more mundane, local events can be just as damaging. Looking at the bigger picture enables a balanced assessment of risk to be made.

Software in the age of agile development is measured by form and function: how an application looks and behaves. Security is often overlooked in this methodology, potentially leaving costly and damaging vulnerabilities in the code. Security analysis and design helps prevent software weaknesses ending up in deployed applications and systems.

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