Modern computing systems are widespread and easy to use. People and businesses can buy devices and connect them to networks and the internet with ease. Software applications provide familiar and accessible computing in all aspects of our lives. To provide secure computing systems, however, it is necessary to design software applications and build business information systems with a structured approach.

Small Business Models

We have developed model information architectures for small businesses. Rather than just connecting devices to local networks and the internet without any planning, our structured architectures are based on core security rationales. The resulting models provide businesses with pragmatic computing systems which fit business needs and are based on sound security principles.

Business Information Architecture

When examining a business' information systems we look at the whole IT structure and information management within the organisation: where data resides, flows and enters or leaves; what processing and storage mechansims are used - computing, third party or manual; what security risks are present in the structure and how alternative structural components can provide better security whilst maintaining or improving business functions.

Security Critical Systems

Security system design comprises a process of analysing the security of a system in terms of sensitive data items and threats against them. Components and security mechanisms are built into the system design to mitigate against identified threats.

Examples of our work:

  • Email encryption
  • Key Management
  • Communications
  • CASB
  • Web Applications

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